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Honey Creek Collective, East Troy, WI
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There is increasing interest in managing ecosystems to sequester and store carbon to help mitigate climate change. In some cases, managing for carbon will align with other management goals while in other cases, there may be trade-offs to consider. However, many natural resource managers lack sufficient training in considering climate mitigation goals alongside other management goals.

This workshop will support natural resource managers to incorporate carbon as an additional management goal in non-forested ecosystems (oak savannas, mesic prairies, and non-forested wetlands). This workshop builds on a case-study carried out by The Nature Conservancy and the Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science at the Newell and Ann Meyer Natural Preserve in the Mukwonago River Watershed in southeastern Wisconsin.

Pre-workshop materials
REQUIRED VIEWING: Prior to the workshop, please review this 15-minute video of climate change trends and impacts in Wisconsin.

Additional optional readings:

1. Climate Change Field Guide of Southern Wisconsin Forests

2. WICCI Climate Change Vulnerability Assessments

3. Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment for the Meyer Project

4. Carbon cycling in forests infographics

5. Primers on soil carbon, earthworms, and non-forested wetland carbon

Additional Resources